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"The earth has music for those who listen"

- William Shakespeare


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Gentle Friends healthy pet products are especially formulated to be gentle, yet powerfully effective. A Kimberly Parry Organics, we strive to create products that exemplify the pure, effective and all natural properties associated with Mother Earth. We promise a healing experience with essential botanical ingredients for both you and your loyal friends.  



Love notes from our customers...

When I had brought my kitten home from just adopting, I noticed his ears were irritated, built up and causing him pain. He’d shake his head and itch constantly, so I decided to try Gentle Friends Ear Oil because I was looking for a natural alternative to harsh meds. The product does as promised, removing ear wax and debris. Within three days he was back to being playful and not stopping to itch every five minutes. I definitely will be purchasing more of the Gentle Friends line!
— Ensley
I decided to try Shine only after having to try what seemed like ever topical treatment, special dietary food and special shampoo out there. For the longest time my dog has suffered from skin problems. At last, I have finally found a product that works! I lather Shine on her coat after rinsing off Gentle Shampoo (which is also a fav, it smells so yummy!) and when I massage it into her coat, I can physically see the relief in her eyes. After bath time, she’s cool and calm and ever since using Shine, her skin has improved tenfold. No more dry flaky skin and no more expensive vet visits! I highly recommend this product.
— Jane
The ingredients we use on our pets are just as important as the ingredients that we put in our bodies, and unhealthy chemicals can be lurking in common dog grooming products. Gentle Friends uses only natural and organic ingredients that are sage, gently, and effective for use on your dog - which is why I recommend Gentle Friends to all dog parents.
— Dr. Elizabeth Wolf, DVM


Gentle Friends was designed by the award winning formulary, Kimberly Parry of Kimberly Parry Organics, Inc. Her extensive research into natural herbs and essential oils has led to the creation of a veritable formulary of organic compounds to treat a multitude of human and animal skin conditions in a gentle yet effective way.


At Gentle Friends, we focus on the bigger picture of healthfulness and responsibility. These products are good for your pets’ health, gentle on both their skin and yours, and are produced with care to minimize our environmental footprint.


Using organic, natural ingredients, Gentle Friends products are both gentle and powerfully effective. We can trace every ingredient back to the source, because everything that goes into our product matters.


Created by Kimberly Parry, the award-winning formulary behind Kimberly Parry Organics skincare, Gentle Friends was created to treat animal skin conditions with the same meticulous care that goes into her premium skincare for humans.

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birthing a new day for all creatures great and small